So it turns out that the second week of the month is the busiest. And I am glad I noticed that.

A couple of years ago, I returned to the more traditional work of accounting with the new understanding that the art I would create would be the art of a life well-lived. Whatever that meant to me.

I was able to decide this because I learned in the Creating Solo Performance workshop I was taking at the time that limits actually help the art form.  In the class, we were tasked with creating a performance piece and certain limits or parameters were provided: three minutes, no speaking, use two everyday objects, etc. The limits gave form to the art we created.

Working 9 to 5 is one of my limits. And since I shifted from public accountant to co-op loan officer, working irregular hours has become a limit. I find I cannot commit to every Tuesday night for taiji class, as I am sometimes in a meeting that night. Weekends are not as predictably free as they once were. Indeed, it feels like the limits have become more fluid. Just as limiting, but ever changing. And I like it. It keeps me paying attention and staying creative in how I craft my days.

Embracing my limits, finding the power of those limits, getting comfortable within them, I find I can be most truly myself and gradually notice how those limits are not as fixed as they seemed at first.  It’s a good lesson in life and in taiji.


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