From a place in nature, bring to you pure and clean energy…

Qigong (also Chi Kung) is comprised of two Chinese words: “Qi” meaning “energy” “vitality” or “life force” and “Gong” meaning “work” “cultivate” or “nurture”.

Qigong exercises are sets of simple, easy-to-learn, yet profound movements designed to increase vitality, strengthen immune function, enhance creativity, and achieve harmony and balance.

I teach several different qigong sets, including:

  • Guanqifa (Pouring Qi Method)
  • Breath Placement Qigong
  • Balancing the Heart Qigong,
  • Five Element Qigong,
  • Dao Yin Qigong
  • Zhan Zhuang – Standing Meditation
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Five Gates Qigong, and
  • Nourishing Life (Self-Healing) Qigong

We move easily and freely, with a special emphasis on breath, posture, and mindful attention.

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