Thursdays: 6 to 7:30 p.m.

At Studio 456, Arts & Industry, 221 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062

(weather permitting, you might find us at Arcanum Field, 220 Bridge Rd, Florence, MA 01062)

Yang-style Traditional Taiji, Solo and Partner Play.

mmexport1542199866499  Yang-style Traditional Curriculum based on core principles and the 13 Powers ( 5 stance phases and 8 hand operations) includes a study of the 108-move taiji solo form, traditional partner push-hands drills and free-play, and the taiji saber, sword, and spear .

WeChat Image_20180113121612 5-Section Taiji is a simplified Taiji Curriculum based around a 5-part program designed to meet the needs of contemporary recreational tai chi enthusiasts. It’s flexible, fun, and draws from traditional core principles, so the student immediately embarks upon a journey that can take the taiji explorer as deep and as far as one wishes to go.  Material includes: Solo empty-hand forms, 2 person variation, solo taiji sword form with 2-person variation, and foundational partnering skills of sticking and sensing.

Class fee is $65/month. E-mail to register or for more information