I am starting a new job!

logoI will be joining an amazing team whose enthusiasm and dedication to building the cooperative sector of our economy is an inspiration. The Cooperative Fund of New England has been growing co-ops since 1975, and I will be the loan and outreach officer for western Massachusetts and eastern upstate New York. I can’t think of a better use for the finance, accounting and business advisory skills I have developed as a CPA.  And I am so excited to develop new skills engaging socially responsible investors, managing a loan portfolio, partnering with other lenders, and immersing myself in the cooperative movement. To my mind, cooperatives truly do provide for a more just and humane economy. I have heard it said that between the excesses of capitalist greed and the deprivations of socialist state-planning, there lies a middle path. A path of cooperation. I agree.

It seems only natural to me that my taiji studies would lead me back to a middle path!  It really does feel like coming home.

imgresMy taiji practice is changing, too. For now, I will no longer be offering regular weekly classes. Instead I will teach to support study groups like the Peng Posse in the Northeast Queendom, and the Easy Rider curriculum study group. If you want to start a group of your own (with or without an odd name), I can help you do that. I am also focusing on private and semi-private lessons, and making more time for my own studies.  I am open to new and creative ways of pursuing and studying this art, this art that moves, this art of change and connection.

Because change is inevitable, I want to study an art that teaches me how to stay present, connect, and transform. Right now, I think this is the most important life skill to have.

I know I am going to need it just now!

Til the next move,



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  1. Congrats Dorian! I am so happy and excited for you and am looking forward to all that your new adventures and explorations lead you to. Thanks for everything thus far and I know that there is still so much more of this art for me to study too! Love and hugs and see you soon.

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