“Dorian Gregory is a Tai Chi teacher who combines innovation with tradition, love with respect, insight with passion and carries humility on the road of mastery. Dorian’s pursuit of clarity and authenticity in the study of Tai Chi is voracious and is a joy to be part of. Those who have the fortune to study with Dorian are inspired to be not only better students and martial artists, but better human beings.”  

– Jan Parker, Tai Chi Teacher

My Philosophy

For me, Tai Chi is the study of change and the power of transformation. Tai Chi is also an art that asks me to get comfortable with myself and promises that my greatest power flows from that comfort. Or as Lao Tse said in the Tao Te Ching: “To know others is intelligence, to know oneself is wisdom.”

My Background

I was drawn to the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts in 1989 by a circle of women acting and moving to a vision of peace and justice. It is a vision that sustains me still as I navigate the rich and varied landscape of my home. I have worked in the fields of social change and in corporate finance – finding that balance of yin and yang in everything – and I bring this wide of range of experience to my martial arts and tai chi practice and the classes I teach.

How I Started my  Tai Chi Odyssey

Signs that mark the way along the Camino

With a master’s degree in philosophy, I had been a martial arts student and teacher for over 20 years, but I began my Tai Chi journey in earnest upon my return from walking the Camino del Santiago in 2005. All along the way, pilgrims greeted one another and parted with the reminder that the true pilgrimage begins when we reach our destination.

This has proved oddly true, as one month later, I met my first tai chi teacher Jan Parker at one of the annual Special Training Martial Arts Conferences sponsored by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation.  At this point, I had earned black belts in Okinawan karate and in the Filipino stick-fighting jujitsu art of Modern Arnis, and I was a nationally certified Self-Defense Instructor. In the workshop I attended with Jan though, I found myself strangely moved by her simple question: “Does your structure support your intention?” This question has proved to be a touchstone that I come back to again and again.

I began studying with Sam Masich in 2006, attended his 2nd 3-month Yang’s-style Full Curriculum Intensive training in San Miguel de Allende in 2009, and in 2016, my studies took me to China, to the birthplace of Yang Luchan, where I was honored to be selected as one of Sam Masich’s first five ‘in-the-door’ students. Read more on Sam’s indoor student page of his website.

What Others Say About Dorian

“It takes a particular dedication and perseverance to understand the intricacies of Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan). The art may be approached superficially or deeply. Dorian has chosen the latter path. She has incorporated taiji into her way of life and allowed it to affect her character, her health and her understanding and appreciation of life in fundamental ways. These are some of the most important attributes of a good teacher.” 

– Sam Masich, founder  Masich Internal Arts Method 

“I appreciate how present you are at my lessons, how you truly listen, and how you take time to teach the whole me.”

Diane, Tai Chi Student

” I haven’t felt this kid-like excited in a long time. THANK YOU for being such a great teacher…”

– Vanessa, Tai Chi Student

“I feel from all the different lessons of tai chi that I am learning that if I attend to something worthy, take the time, that I will move forward to a new place.  … it feels like what I’m learning with tai chi is a life changer. Thank you, Dorian, for bringing this to me! I am going to keep practicing.”

– Ruth, Tai Chi Student

“Dorian meets challenges with an open heart, mind and, spirit, and shares what she learns with integrity, expertise, and wonderful sense of humor. Her range of knowledge, skill, and teaching experience is expansive. An enthusiastic martial artist and human being, she continues to ask questions and to explore the vastness of these arts while paying close attention to basics.”

– Sensei Janet Aalfs, 7th degree black belt, poet, and community activist.