Principled Study

I have studied various martial arts including several Tai Chi forms for the past 30 years. I heard about Dorian’s class from a friend and decided to give it a try. It would be good to have companions to practice with. Given my long history, I didn’t expect to learn much.
I was wrong. Dorian has helped me take my Tai Chi to a much deeper level, enabling me to go beyond mechanical choreography and get closer to the internal heart of the art. What used to be a rote habit of doing form in the morning has become a daily profound exploration of personal growth. Her approach combining form and two-person practice, even with beginners, makes for a rich learning experience and deepens my understanding of Tai Chi principles.
I have learned more in the past three years than I did in the previous 30. Now I am even able to take my Tai Chi into daily life, not as a martial art, but as a way to relax and receive what the world has to offer. I thank Dorian for rejuvenating my Tai Chi study and helping make it a central force in my life.
– Stan S.

Yang Style Traditional Full Curriculum Study. 

We meet once a month to learn and practice the traditional taijiquan drills:

  • solo form,
  • the 8 disc method fixed step
  • the four hands fixed step with changes
  • moving step joint hands operations,
  • the Da Lu or Large Rollback and variations,
  • the  88 move 2-person sparring set,
  • the traditional taiji weapons: (dagger) saber, sword and spear (and halberd)
  • and more.

If you are interested in taking your taiji to the next level, contact me about joining our study group or forming one of your own.

This is a great article by my teacher Sam Masich about reasons to enjoy the full traditional curriculum.  Full Curriculum

By invitation only. Contact me, if you are interested.