Books and more:

These are some of the books that I have found interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking and otherwise beneficial to my Taiji Journey.  Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Shou-yu Liang, Douglas Wile, Louis Swaim – I recommend them all. The study of Taijiquan literature and theory is deep and rich and provides a valuable adjunct to the physical practice. I encourage all my students to dig in and let the questions that arise inform the practice. While always remembering that Yang Chengfu reminds us: “Tis better to practice, than to ponder”  Enjoy.

For reference videos on the 108, Balancing the Heart Qigong and more, visit Sam Masich’s website

The JanJImJam Push Hands Reference Manual

For reference videos on push hands (including the 88), 8 Pieces of Silk, DaoYin Qigong and more, visit the JanJimJam.

guanqifa-cover1For the audio CD of  Guanqifa, visit the JanJimJam or Jan’s website

Students often ask me about where to buy practice weapons. I think that Kung Fu Direct has decent practice weapons for reasonable prices – I enjoy the Qian Kun Taiji Saber and their Taiji Competition Straightswords. They are just fine for daily practice and playing with my taiji partners.

We don’t wear special uniforms so much in class, just comfortable, loose fitting clothes that are easy to move around in. But if you wanted to buy yourself a special “taiji outfit” – Dr. Yang’s silks are pretty nice, I think.