I am finding it is not so easy to start blogging again after such a hiatus.

I wrote a long essay about receiving (zou jin) and some of it’s applications in life, and then I had all these second thoughts about publishing it. Though I received some reassurance from trusted sources, still I couldn’t settle in my decision.  Too much detail about other people and events in my life, I just didn’t feel comfortable publishing it all.

And that is my lesson for the moment.  I like feeling settled in a decision  – big or small. And so, when central settle eludes me, make a change, do what I need to do to get comfortable.  Find my ground, my root, my central equilibrium. Come back down to earth.

So, it is a rocky start,  but like any practice, I know if I keep at it, it will get easier as I go along.

til the next move

enjoy your practice,



  1. Dorian, I read the essay/blog and I understand your uneasiness about posting it. It was wonderful. That whole post is so you. You love and respect every part of every life that you are engaged with. You do keep your personal/professional lifes apart, and I hope that every student of yours understands how much you love every part of your life and each of our lives as well. Love is just part of who you are and also part of why we are all there as your students. You live your life well, open and honest, be it in the studio, at the co-op market, or in your own life and your own connections and relationships. You are a teacher, at every level.

  2. a nice reminder to wake up to this morning 🙂

    start where you are…point yourself in the direction you want to be going…baby steps…

    thanks for sharing this little pearl of thought and reflection 🙂

  3. Baby steps is right. I am often reminding myself and my students – your comfortable, most powerful stride is maybe a bit smaller than the over-reaching falling into stride we are most familiar with. Baby steps will do for me just now!

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