A Rocky Start

I am finding it is not so easy to start blogging again after such a hiatus.

I wrote a long essay about receiving (zou jin) and some of it’s applications in life, and then I had all these second thoughts about publishing it. Though I received some reassurance from trusted sources, still I couldn’t settle in my decision.  Too much detail about other people and events in my life, I just didn’t feel comfortable publishing it all.

And that is my lesson for the moment.  I like feeling settled in a decision  – big or small. And so, when central settle eludes me, make a change, do what I need to do to get comfortable.  Find my ground, my root, my central equilibrium. Come back down to earth.

So, it is a rocky start,  but like any practice, I know if I keep at it, it will get easier as I go along.

til the next move

enjoy your practice,


I’m Blogging Again

This new website is in progress – and I am getting excited about blogging again.

I plan to write at least once a week and sometimes more.

And I will be sharing my thoughts about Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Qigong (Chi Kung), push hands, the Taiji weapons of Saber, Sword and Spear, Chinese healing arts,  philosophy, life as a journey and the great lessons that Tai Chi offers, self-healing, alternative medicine, Five Elements, Taoism, and sometimes I am sure I will not be able to resist talking about my ukulele or my corgi, Maggie!

I hope you will check back often and join the discussion when something interests you.